The past year has seen a resurgence in natural medicine as a means ofboosting immune health. This is great
– but which formula works best for what?

Nature has provided an enormous range of plants and enzymes that can support the immune system. But what many people don’t know is that even the most powerful immuneboosting herbs will have limited
effect if your body isn’t functioning efficiently in the first place. This begins with your blood platelets.

Healthy blood platelets are essential for coagulation and healing. It’s also recently been discovered that they play a much more important role in immune function than previously realized. Research has shown that platelets are in fact the “first responders” of your immune system. After being created in the bone marrow from very large bone marrow cells called megakaryocytes, platelets are able to influence both inflammation and immune regulation. They are also among the first
to sense, phagocytize, decorate, or react to pathogens in the circulation. Despite these findings, there are still very few supplements on the market that are designed to improve platelet count – which is why DNT 53 is so special.


DNT 53 is a proprietary formula designed to help restore the normal function of the blood cells and increase physical resistance to infection and disease. Each of the herbal ingredients has been chosen specifically for its ability to
improve blood platelet count. Numerous research studies have shown that each of these herbs can play a role in platelet proliferation and differentiation. These actions are critical for reducing infection and improving overall immune
health. DNT 53 may even help to treat thrombocytopenia (low platelet count). In addition, the powerful antioxidant capacity of DNT 53 offers a high level of protection from harmful free radicals, which are known contributors of inflammation.

The herbs in DNT 53 include:

  • Tribulus Terrestris Linn (puncture vine)
  • Prosopis Spicigera Linn (Khejri)
  • Antioxidant, anti-depressant, anticholesteremic
  • Tinospora Cordifolia (gurjo)
  • Immunostimulant, hepatoprotective, antioxidant
  • Carica Papaya Linn (papaya)

Antioxidant, nutritive, digestive aid, immunostimulant

Platelets act like commanding officers, telling your body how to get rid of harmful viruses and microbes. When a pathogen (such as a virus,bacterium, or allergen) enters your bloodstream, your body responds by forming antibodies. The next time these pathogens enter your body, the antibodies form an antigen-antibody complex. It’s your platelets that recognize these complexes and summon an attack.

A randomized, double-blind, placebocontrolled study found that a combination of Carica papaya and Tinospora cordifolia leaf
extract was able to boost platelet count in patients with dengue and other microbial infections. The results were so impressive that the researchers suggested that this powerful combination could be safe and effective for treating thrombocytopenia patients. This is a very important finding as there is currently no specific treatment available for thrombocytopenia or increasing platelet count.

White blood cells are crucial to every aspect of immune system function. When bacteria and viruses invade your body, it’s your white blood cells that rush in to fight them off. Studies in mice found that Tinospora cordifolia was able to significantly increase the total white blood cell count. It also increased bone marrow cellularity and α-esterase positive cells in bone marrow, indicating increased maturation of stem cells.

Red blood cells (erythrocytes) are just as important to overall health. RBCs contain the pigment hemoglobin, which provides the blood with its red color. They transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the tissues. They also scavenge for chemokines, nucleic acids, and pathogens in circulation and then bind to them so they can be removed from the body. In this way, RBCs may either trigger immune activation or maintain immune homeostasis.

By nourishing the bone marrow, the ingredients in DNT 53 also help to enhance white and red blood
cell production. Tribulus Terrestris Linn has been shown to cause an increase in red blood cells, boosting blood circulation and oxygen supply with in the body.

In addition to optimizing blood cell count, the powerful antioxidant capacity of DNT 53 supports your body’s ability to scavenge free
radicals. This is a vital step in enhancing natural immune defenses, eliminating the cause of illness, and combatting cell damage.

Research shows that the stem bark of Prosopis Cineraria (Linn.) has important antioxidant activity in scavenging harmful free radicals. It contains a high number of phenols, which play a significant role in controlling oxidation.

Carica Papaya Linn has been found to significantly reduce lipid peroxidation and enhance glutathione levels in the body, as well as improving overall immune status. It appears to boost levels of Ig G and Ig M, the most common antibodies in circulation.

The blend of herbs in DNT 53 each harbor specific properties for enhancing the immune system response. Studies involving rats showed that Tribulus terrestris can increase levels of phagocytosis, a critical part of the immune system response. Researchers suggest that this important immunomodulating activity could explain its long history of traditional use throughout Asia.

Saponins isolated from the fruit of Tribulus terrestris showed were found to boost phagocytosis, indicating it can stimulate a nonspecific immune response. Another study involving an alcoholic extract of the whole plant showed that it significantly increased the concentration of humoral antibodies, which fight off
antigens. The Tribulus extract also delayed-type hypersensitivity response, which indicated it can increase your body’s ability to respond to a specific antigen.

Tinospora cordifolia is shown to stimulate the immune system while also providing important antimicrobial
and hepatoprotective properties. Researchers of one particular study suggested that its immunostimulating
benefits make it an effective and safe option for treating salmonellosis and opportunistic infections in immunocompromised people. Like the other plants in DNT 53, T. cordifolia is also an excellent antioxidant!

Prosopis spicigera Linn harbors several immunopharmacological activities. It’s a proven antiinflammatory and antimicrobial, and also appears to have antibiotic and microbial antioxidant properties. These benefits are associated with its rich content of flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, quinones, or phenolic

Katie is a qualified naturopath and freelance health writer from New Zealand. She holds a Bachelor of  Natural Medicine and a Diploma in Journalism. Having worked in the natural health space for more than 10 years, Katie specializes in functional medicine and holistic wellbeing. She is particularly passionate about digestive and immune health, and writes short- and long-form content for health practitioners all over the world.

Katie is also a fiercely competitive runner and spends most of her spare time training for running events