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Equipping naturopathic doctors, holistic healers, chiropractors, and wellness centers with the most advanced diagnostic equipment and natural treatment plans in the industry.

At Alive Innovations, we scour the planet, investigating new advances in allopathic and holistic treatments from the brightest minds and innovators in the industry with one purpose in mind: to bring you the latest technology to assist you in caring for your patients.  Our state-of-the-art holistic healing equipment, historical data, and individualized treatment plans allow doctors and practitioners to digitally scan and analyze each patient individually.  Using a comprehensive report, a treatment plan may be offered using a specific combination of therapies and revolutionary wellness products, including neutraceuticals and supplements.

Our network members are kept up-to-date with latest technology advancements and cancer treatment protocols.  You’ll enjoy access to our training portal to equip you with the best practices for our successful wellness center business model.  Using only the best bio-energy testing equipment to identify imbalances in your nervous system, our partners find the best results using our holistic approach to naturopathic medicine. Partner with us to get the latest advancements in functional medicine and find out how to make your practice more profitable.

Find out how your wellness center or practice can benefit from the latest innovations in holistic medicine.

“I really enjoy having the AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer in my toolbox…it has become my most useful tool!  Helping others achieve optimal performance has never been so simple and strategic.”

Dr. Ellan DukeRiver Hills Chiropractic and Wellness Center
Jacksonville, FL

The AO Body Scanner and Acoustic Light Wave frequency generator are the industry’s leading tools for diagnostics, and they also perform valuable non-invasive treatments. Reduce the body’s toxins with the SibinX-9000 Detox Chamber.  The LED Light Bed and Hyperbaric Chamber accelerate the body’s natural healing mechanisms while simultaneously combating toxins and foreign pathogens. The Acoustic Aqua Bed has helped numerous patients overcome chronic pain, and the Pressotherapy Bed is a simple and effective tool for improving circulation and overall health.

Wellness Products and Equipment

Shop for wellness products, such as nutraceuticals, equipment, vibration therapy, biofeedback therapy, and overall health testing & anaylsis.

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