Long before what we know of as ‘modern medicine’ was holistic medicine. Our ancestors treated their illnesses and ailments not with drugs and surgery, but with herbs and plant-based potions.

Today, many pharmaceutical medicines are inspired by the actions of plants. And so is the Alive Innovations range.

More and more patients today are choosing natural medicine over synthetic drugs – and the benefits are clear.In the past few decades, an increasing body of evidence has emerged from systematic reviews and meta-analyses of randomized clinical trials to show that holistic treatments are both valid and efficacious.

In 2019, consumers in the U.S spent an estimated $9.602 billion on herbal dietary supplements; a huge 8.6% increase on the previous year. This trend will continue to grow as patients seek to enhance their health without the potential risks associated with allopathic treatments.

Unfortunately, much of the wellness industry is saturated with low-quality, lowpotency supplements. Many contain poorly-absorbed ingredients or are made up of formulas that have little or no scientific backing.

Alive Innovations believes in providing natural, holistic solutions to health issues. We consider the individual to be an environmentally-influenced, complex biological system – and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to any health condition.

We seek out the most advanced natural treatment options in the industry. We supply naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and wellness centers with powerful treatment modalities. Our wellness range includes innovative nutraceuticals, immune enhancers, probiotics, and many more.

Where conventional medicine aims to treat a problem with drugs or surgery, holistic medicine first addresses what’s causing the symptoms. Then, through the use of natural remedies and healing techniques, it works to restore lasting good health. Alive Innovations has handpicked the most innovative, holistic formulas from around the world to assist practitioners in caring for their clients. Our range of supplements is designed to treat specific health issues and provide long-term relief from symptoms.

What makes our supplements different?

Natural medicine
We believe in the healing power of nature over drugs or synthetic ingredients. That’s why you’ll only find plant-based nutrients such as extracts from clinically-researched vegetables, fruit, and herbs, as well as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and revered antioxidants.

In recent years, the trend towards natural remedies and supplements has skyrocketed. More and more health practitioners are now looking to provide their patients with these plant-based alternatives.

Optimal delivery
Our supplements are available in sprays, sublingual tablets, and veggie capsules. These methods are specifically chosen for their efficacy in being absorbed by the body. Sublingual sprays delivered into the mouth have been found to provide a superior rate of absorption because they bypass the traditional digestive route. The mouth is lined with highly absorbent tissue in close proximity to the arterial network. This helps to ensure faster, more effective results, especially in patients with compromised digestive function.

Research-based ingredients
Natural medicine practitioners know that herbs and plants are effective in treating a wide range of major and minor medical conditions. There is plenty of published research to show the efficacy of specific alternative treatments.

We choose to work with products that contain well-researched ingredients and valid formulas. Our supplements are formulated by professionals and based on scientific research.

Unique proprietary formulations
Each of Alive Innovations’ supplements is specifically formulated to support and enhance normal bodily function. We have utilized the power of age-old homeopathic remedies and botanical ingredients to create revolutionary products that assist with natural healing.

Our range includes clinically-researched probiotics, innovative immune support, antioxidant blends, anti-inflammatory formulas, cardiovascular support, and many more. Each product has been carefully reviewed and tested by medical professionals for its safety and efficacy.

A comprehensive range
We supply medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and wellness and fitness centers with powerful treatment modalities. Our wellness range includes innovative health-enhancing equipment, nutraceuticals, immune enhancers, probiotics, enzymes, and many more.

Patients expect products that provide maximum efficacy without harmful side effects. They want long-term healthcare support, not ‘quick fixes’.

Alive Innovations is proud to offer safe, innovative products made with the highest quality ingredients. We provide practitioners with a competitive edge over those who offer only standard, readily-available products.

Better results mean healthier, happier clients. And that’s all any practitioner wants.

Katie is a qualified naturopath and freelance health writer from New Zealand. She holds a Bachelor of Natural Medicine and a Diploma in Journalism. Having worked in the natural health space for more than 10 years, Katie specializes in functional medicine and holistic wellbeing. She is particularly passionate about digestive and immune health, and writes short- and long-form content for health practitioners all over the world.

Katie is also a fiercely competitive runner and spends most of her spare time training for running events.